The Best Hypnotherapy Service in Singapure


The Best Hypnotherapy Service in Singapure

The Best Hypnotherapy Service in Singapure

The Best Hypnotherapy Service in Singapure

Hello..., There is good and pleasant news today for those of you who are looking for a Hypnotherapy Clinic, Treatment Services for Hypnotherapy/Therapeutic Methods using Hypnotic Conditions, and Hypnotherapy Training offline or online, before that, please answer the questions below first...😊

Is this the condition that you / your family feel now?

  • Feeling anxious. stress and even depression, excessive fear to panic attacks. emotional control, irritability, irritability, suspicion.
  • Difficulty sleeping (insomnia), palpitations, shortness of breath, increased stomach acid, or psychosomatic symptoms, pain management, or psychological situations that interfere with your productivity and your day-to-day life.
  • Excessive addiction, cigarettes, drugs, masturbation, online games, online gambling, and bad habits. other.
  • Phobia of heights, phobia of rice, phobia of crowds, lack of self-confidence, obesity, confusion, unable to move on/confused to deal with existing feelings.
  • Family situations such as naughty children, lazy to study, couple situations with infidelity, divorce, conflict, honesty.
  • Sexual situation, difficulty achieving fertility/difficulty getting pregnant, LGBT deviation, hypersex, vaginismus, frigidity, decreased desire, lack of enthusiasm, ED, Psychogenic infertility.
  • Improving the quality of self-development values ​​is more confident, more focused, calmer, more enthusiastic or wants to learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

If YES, don't worry because now there is Hypnotherapy

Because a surprising fact about research science Hypnotherapy put forward by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. That the effectiveness of the success rate of hypnotherapy techniques reaches 93% with a maximum of 6 sessions only compared to other psychological therapies such as Psychoanalysis 38% in 60 sessions and Cognitive Behavior Therapy 72% in 22 sessions.
The Best Hypnotherapy Service in Singapure

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy is a psychological healing therapy by utilizing hypnosis/relaxation/alpha-theta waves for various psychological conditions such as: stress, anxiety, depression, psychosomatic, increasing concentration, self-motivation, addiction, improving learning, increasing fertility in pregnancy, pain management, obesity. , insomnia, vaginismus and more.
  • Hypnotherapy is a branch of psychology that studies the benefits of suggestion to overcome our thoughts, feelings and behavior problems and has been proven by scientific research, has been practiced in various parts of the world, medicine, health care nursing, and various psychological therapies.
  • Hypnotherapy is completely without the help of jinn, magic, spells or contrary to religion.
  • In the world of psychology, hypnosis is a science to give suggestions to the subconscious mind which plays a role up to 90% in changing human behavior, feelings, and emotions.
  • If you learn to be able to take hypnosis and hypnotherapy training, at least you can handle psychological problems for yourself and your family, broadly you can help people who need hypnotherapy services.
Now the tendency of life problems experienced by many people is increasing, it increases stress levels that continue to grow. The study also found a fact that about 75% of all physical illnesses stem from mental and emotional problems. However, most of the treatment carried out only focuses on drugs or inappropriate alternatives (shamans, psychics, smart people, etc.), the treatment only applies physically or spiritually so that it does not reach to the source of the psychological problem, which is in the mind. To be precise, the subconscious mind. The influence of the subconscious mind on our behavior is 9 times stronger than the conscious mind. That's why many people find it difficult to change even if they want to consciously.
Hypnotherapy is not only for people who have problems, many healthy people also follow hypnotherapy to maximize their abilities in all areas of life.

Branch of Hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapy (treatment), Hypnoselling (marketing), Hypnoteaching (education), Hypnoparenting (children), Hypnoslimming (obesity), Hypnomativation (motivating), Hypnoleadership (leaders), Hypnoforensic (investigation).
  • Hypnonursing (Especially for Health Workers), Medical Hypnosis (Medical Practitioners), Hypnocircumcision (Circumcision), Hypnobirthing (Delivery Process), Hypnoanaesthesia (Pain Reduction), Hypnoanalgesic (Pain Management).
  • Metaphysical Hypnosis (Metaphysical Phenomena), Mermerism and Magnetism (Non Verbal Therapy), Gendam (Hypnosis Using Javanese Mantras) and many more.
The Best Hypnotherapy Service in Singapure

Requirements for Undergoing Hypnotherapy

  1. There is an intention of will that comes from a personal desire to heal, rise and change.
  2. The client understands verbal language and speaks fluently, hypnotherapy cannot be applied to small children who cannot speak fluently or people with severe mental disorders so that they are not connected to talk.
  3. If the clients are children who are difficult to communicate with by new people or have not been fluent, then it is better that the parents who come are the only ones, the hypnotherapist will teach you how to heal or overcome your child's problems at home.
  4. Clients come on their own volition or awareness, not on seduction, persuasion, pressure, coercion, and or threats of others.
  5. The client understands the priority of what situation he wants to overcome with hypnotherapy.
  6. In one hypnotherapy session only one situation is handled. For this reason, the client needs to determine carefully and clearly what is the most important and most important priority to be addressed in a hypotherapy session.
  7. The client allows himself to be treated. The client fully believes in healing with the permission of God Almighty and can work with the therapist.
  8. Carry out the therapist's guidance seriously, generate a sense of sincerity and resignation, avoid analyzing, because every process requires patience.
  9. Good commitment in undergoing up to a maximum of 4 consultation and therapy sessions. Suggestions for initial commitment is a minimum of 2 sessions for future evaluation. One session lasts for 2 (two) hours. If still needed therapy can be continued up to a maximum of 4 sessions.
  10. In the first session, if the therapist assesses the client is ready, then therapy can be carried out immediately. However, if the therapist assesses the client is not ready, then only consultation or counseling will be carried out.

Online Hypnotherapy Fees

  1. Consultation takes about 30 minutes for sharing and storytelling sessions, costs 15 US dollars.
  2. Consul & Hypnotherapy sessions take about 90 minutes, get a one-time evaluation, and provide self-hypnosis, therapy videos, and audio therapy, costs 50 US dollars.
  3. Packages for 30 days, 4 sessions, 90 minute sessions, get evaluation 3 times in the future, and self-hypnosis, video therapy, and audio therapy, costs 150 US dollars.

Our Online Hypnotherapy Service is Available in All Singapore Cities

Hypnotist Hypnotherapy Changi Bay, Marina East, Marina South, Simpang, Straits View, Western Islands, Central Water Catchment, Tengah, Boon Lay, Paya Lebar, North-Eastern Islands, Tuas, Lim Chu Kang, Pioneer, Seletar, Museum, Sungei Kadut, Western Water Catchment, Orchard, Southern Islands, Mandai, Changi, Singapore River, Downtown Core, Newton, River Valley, Rochor, Tanglin, Outram, Novena, Marine Parade, Bukit Timah, Sembawang, Jurong East, Bishan, Clementi, Queenstown, Kallang, Punggol, Geylang, Serangoon, Toa Payoh, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, Pasir Ris, Bukit Merah, Choa Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Sengkang, Hougang, Woodlands, Tampines, Jurong West, & Bedok.

Offline Hypnotherapy Fees

  1. Consultation takes about 60 minutes for sharing and storytelling sessions, costs 30 thousand.
  2. Consul & Hypnotherapy sessions take about 90 minutes, get a one-time evaluation, and provide self-hypnosis, video therapy, and audio therapy, costing 150 US dollars.
  3. Packages for 2 sessions, 90 minutes session, get an evaluation 1 time ahead, and provide self-hypnosis, video therapy, and audio therapy, cost 180 US dollars.
  4. Packages for 30 days, 4 sessions, 90 minutes session, evaluation 3 times in the future, getting 1 evaluation, and self-hypnosis, video therapy, and audio therapy, costs 300 US dollars.
The cost of hypnotherapy above is a benchmark for hypnotherapist services that can be negotiated according to the circumstances, situation and condition of the client or family.
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